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Green Building
Green Buildings


Aakash Associate was built with an aim of green building conception. Green building means buildings that are built using environmentally friendly products. We often use reusable items and try to use resources effectively and efficiently. We feel proud as our company thinks and takes steps towards the sustainable growth of the environment. 
We stand up together for the betterment of society and our main aim is to satisfy the customers by providing them with the best quality buildings with green constructions. We have people in our team who are well-trained in the construction arena and provide them with a plethora of opportunities to grow and learn with every day’s construction processes.

At Aakash Associate, we have a team of high professionals and well-experienced leaders, and figureheads in the industry who are inclined towards the thought of green building concept, sustainable environment, and betterment of the society.


A simpler solution for you. It is as simple as it sounds. Just give us the keys, finalize the specifications in one go and get the handover on the project completion date mutually understood. Under the Turnkey Project solution, the Project is contracted on some basic, regular terms and conditions of the company and the client and then constructs the structure, service facility, amenities, features, and specifications as we decide and no other headache is borne by the client. For this purpose and to make it simpler, we have live examples through our delivered premium floor projects. 

We reduce risks for the project owner and minimize the distribution panel by overlapping the design level and construction level of a project. Our strive is to expand our client’s expectations by optimizing all aspects of the outcomes to achieve the goal of the best turnkey interior contractors

Clothing Store in the Mall


Aakash Associate is one of the construction concerns based out in Sonipat, serving for the best deliveries to your investments in real estate. We construct commercials, for leasing or self-owned purposes. The constructions that you prefer. Our team and leaders themselves come with detailed knowledge and experience of years in real estate. We only construct Grade A and B type commercial construction buildings. As it sounds, it is not like that.

The grades for commercial properties are being designated onto other factors apart from construction qualities. The factors that define Grade A and B constructions are the amenities, parking facilities, location, etc. This categorization helps in determining rentals and one must keep budget and requirements in mind before stepping into development on commercial land.



We try to experience everything. Today, it is our experience for you. We design homes, we design dreams. We make dreams come true. Cost efficient, effective and advanced with a plethora of designs with artistic sculptures, drawings, artwork to make your dream project a happening place is all what we need. The happiness on your face is a compliment for our dedication and determination.

Let us alter, design and bring in new charm to your project. The design of your garden, roof, balcony, kitchen arena, bathrooms and many more is our work.

Loft Apartment Interior


Our favorite, the residential. We are fond of designing dream homes. Residential construction, the foundation stone of Aakash Associate can never be laid down. We try practicing, innovating new designs, and adding new portfolios. We try providing amenities houses to fulfill your needs. The Architects on the panel always try to give you the best. To fulfill the best architecture and be in good coordination with them to complete your project is our aim.


Our residential projects are delivered within a specified time, with proper specifications as disclosed and discussed from time to time. Some of the projects may be accessed from the link below. We have professional vendors on the panel that helps in catering to all modern needs within specified, one of the USPs of our residential construction. We are flexible, we are futuristic. Our on-table deals are flexible, feasible for all parties, and easy to contract.

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